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Elizabeth C. Smith was a horsewoman, farmer, environmentalist, and courageous defender of private property rights.  A visionary, Miss Smith foresaw the need to preserve open space in an urbanizing area for the benefit and enjoyment of the public. She decided that by preserving her 300-acre Blandair Farm, located in Howard County, Maryland, she would provide the public a unique way of maintaining a connection with the agricultural and historic heritage of early America. Tragically, Miss Smith died one day before she was to sign the legal documents by which her vision would be implemented, and the county bought the farm to use as a regional park.


The Blandair Foundation is a non-profit Maryland corporation originally created to implement Miss Smith's vision. Working within the reality that the control of Blandair Farm is in the hands of the county, the foundation will advocate for the restoration of Blandair's historic buildings and grounds and passive use of the farm as desired by Miss Smith.


The mission of the Blandair Foundation is to connect America's past with its future by providing the public with a contemplative garden at Blandair Farm dedicated to the memory of its last private owner, Elizabeth C. Smith and the values she championed, and by which she lived: respect for the earth and other animals, respect for individual rights - especially property rights - and performance of individual duties.  While self-reliant, Miss Smith was always helpful to a neighbor in need.

Birds love our new feeder!   The Blandair Foundation has developed a Wild Bird Feeder

In 2002, the Blandair Foundation acquired the patent for a revolutionary seed bird feeder. After a period of development and testing, the feeder is now ready for sale to the public. The feeder comes in two forms: Standard and Kit.  Earnings from the sale of feeders will be used to support the foundation and its projects.


Former Board Member, Aelred D. Geis, Dies at Age 78

Wildlife biologist, Dr. Aelred D. Geis, died on August 20, 2007.  See the details.



Foundation Commissions Construction of Analemma Sundial


The Blandair Foundation has awarded the commission for the construction of an analemma sundial to the well-respected sculptor, Eleftherios Karkadoulias. The sundial will serve as the centerpiece of the Elizabeth C. Smith Contemplative Garden. Construction of the sundial is complete, and the foundation is waiting for the Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks to assign a date for its installation at Blandair. See photos of the sundial, an explanation of how the sundial works, and photos of our analemma sundial T-shirt..


Donations Needed for a Garden to Honor the Memory of Elizabeth C. Smith


The Blandair Foundation is seeking donations for the planning and construction of a meditative garden at Blandair in memory of Elizabeth C. Smith.  The centerpiece of the garden will be a uniquely-designed sundial of high precision that already has been commissioned.  See the garden concept plan

Books to Benefit Blandair Foundation

Byron C. Hall, Jr., Chairman of the Blandair Foundation, has written two books, To Save Her Dream and Personal Recollections of Eight Interesting People, and is donating to the Blandair Foundation the proceeds from the sale of the books. Read the details

Shop at the Blandair Foundation's Store

The Blandair Foundation is opening an on-line store. The first items available for purchase are the books and the bird feeder mentioned above.

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